National Heart Foundation, Sylhet

National Heart Foundation Hospital, Sylhet

Message from the Founder President

We know all too well the pain of losing loved ones, whether younger or older, at times prematurely, to heart diseases or cardiac unrest. Other than diabetes, heart disease is among the top diseases causing death among Bangladeshis. Millions of people are victims to these diseases and cannot afford healthcare in order to properly deal with the agony and trials that come with these life threatening sicknesses. In an impoverished nation like Bangladesh, the need for affordable healthcare while meeting the demands of sufficient medical equipment is no doubt a challenge, but one we wanted to take on for the betterment of our country.


After returning from England in the late 1960s, we started our professional career at the Sylhet Medical College and Hospital which later on was renamed as Sylhet M A G Osmani Medical College and Hospital. Over the course of the next ten years we noticed Sylhet had a high number of diabetic and cardiac patients, possibly the highest in Bangladesh.  Genetic disposition and lifestyle played key roles for both of these two diseases.  We contemplated establishinging a nonprofit, self-sustaining ...


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